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Hydrocolloid dressing

  • Dressing that spread paste which is mixed hydrophilic polymer and hydrophobic polymer on flexible PU film
  • It absorbs drainage from the wound as an effective means of wound healing to create an ideal environment for self-cure

Beveling Technique

Technique that compresses edges to create a thin edge

  • It redresses the drawback of conventional acne patches that were noticeable due to their thick edges, enhancing natural coverage
  • A water-proof feature that prevents dressings from being removed due to external stimuli such as water and sweat falling to thick edges
  • Enlarged self-cure effect by allowing the hydrocolloid to gather in the projection in the center of the patch

half-cut line method

Company’s unique technique of making half-cut lines on the film part in the center of a circular patch

  • Completely prevents the patch from being defaced while peeling off the product from the film
  • After peeling off the half-cut film, it can be conveniently separated and used one by one. This allows more convenient storage of product units compared to the conventional technique that removes the film at once.

Protective film

  • A protective film is attached to the product to prevent contamination and damage that may occur during the storage of remaining products after product units are used.