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CEO Greeting


Nico Medical Co., Ltd. has always remained deeply aligned with its corporate motto of researching new technologies and developing innovative products.

Greetings. I would like to extend my hearty welcome to all of you visiting the website of Nico Medical Co., Ltd. Our company has continued to evolve through relentless pursuit of the needs and convenience of enterprises and individuals under the corporate motto of producing products shaped by our youth, spirit, and passion, researching new technologies, and developing innovative products at all times.
Over many years, we have fully performed our role as a leading manufacturer of hydrocolloid dressings in Korea, and we will continue to make every effort to produce further improved and more loved products, rivaling others around the world. 
We promise to continuously share a wide range of solid information on various data, new products, and technological achievements with all those who come visit our website.
We wish you continued success and prosperity and we look forward to seeing you on our website more frequently.
Nicomedical CEO